Multiple Charts

With multiple charts feature, you can add an unlimited number of TradingView charts to your screen, all with different resolutions, indicators, and drawings. You can easily set the number of rows and columns with just one click and scroll to see charts that don't fit the screen. Adding new charts is very easy - simply select the exchange and market, and click the Add button. Each chart has its own submenu, allowing you to toggle full-screen mode or go straight into trading mode. Every piece of information is cached locally on your PC, so you can easily get back to your charts whenever you need to. With Algify's multi-charting feature, you can stay up-to-date with multiple markets in real-time, without any delays. All the candle data is updated in real-time, thanks to the live WebSocket connection to each exchange server.

Watch List

In addition to the powerful multi-charting feature, Algify also offers a lightweight version called Watch List. Unlike the full TradingView charts, the Watch List feature allows you to view only the candles chart and volume for each market. It's a quick and easy way to get an instant overview of the current price level for multiple markets without the need for extensive analysis. With pre-selected resolutions, adding multiple coins to your Watch List is effortless. The feature is designed to be convenient, allowing you to keep an eye on the markets that matter most to you.