Algo Trading

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We're excited to announce a new feature coming soon to Algify: automated bot trading! With our easy .NET/C# SDK, users will be able to automate their own trading strategies and trade more effectively. Our advanced backtesting engine with comprehensive reports, paper trading, spot and futures market trading capabilities will give traders the tools they need to succeed.

  • .NET C# SDK
  • Advanced backtesting
  • Multiple triggers
  • In-app code editor
  • Paper trading
  • Multiple timeframes
  • Easy debugging in IDE
  • Futures and spot markets
  • 30+ technical indicators

The source code of the trading strategies will never leave the user's PC, ensuring complete privacy and control over their strategies. And with the ability to synchronize multiple timeframes for complex strategies, users can create even more sophisticated bots. With Algify, users only need to focus on writing the signalling part of their strategy - we'll handle the rest.

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